Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Apple-y Goodness

Welcome to my cooking show. Today we will be making Apple Crisp. Just follow these simple steps to a wonderful apple-y goodness!

Step 1: Find recipe (the one your mom has always used is most tasty).
Step 2: Find a really neat bowl. Note that neat part of step is optional.

Step 3: Get apples. Ones grown close to home are best.

Step 4: Peel and cut apples into interesting patterns. Fancy apple corer is optional, though highly recommended for people with knife problems.

Step 5: Clean up apple cores. Or leave them on your counter. This step is really up to the individual. Composting highly recommended.

Step 6: Sprinkle cinnamon onto apple pieces. How much cinnamon? More than the photo below.Step 7: Turn on oven to the apples preference. These apples like 350 (something about a lucky number).

Step 8: Get rest of ingredients from cupboard.

Step 9: Mix dry ingredients together in a very shiny bowl. Shine optional.

Step 10: Pack dry ingredients ontop of apples to resemble the surface of the moon (planet surface may also resemble Mars.)

Step 11: Set timer to 40 minutes and cook until the apple-y goodness turns into warm apple-y goodness. Enjoy!


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